CANNA ICE S.L. Is a company specialized in manufacturing ice creams, cookies, waffles, crepes and little salted breads made with Natural Hemp seeds.

Our customers appreciate us for the creativity, originality and identity of our products, providing real value to the customers, in terms of quality, service and price, without forgetting of course the flavour of each of our products, delicious flavours that make our customers return.

We control all the processes from the selection of the raw materials, our own manufacture system and the direct relation with our clients, for that reason our prices are so competitive, because there are no intermediaries.

Our products are made with basic products like milk, Oats vegetable milk, sugar and hemp; we do not use essences or organic dyes.

We invite you to come and try our products at our point of sale located at Calle Ramiro de Maeztuz 29, 46022, Valencia, Spain.

We ship our products to anywhere in the world.