CANNA ICE SL is a Spanish company founded in Valencia in 2016, specializing in the development, manufacture and distribution of traditional cannabis ice cream. Canna Ice SL born after the challenge of developing a cannabis ice cream for the cannabis market, Canna Ice products was launch for the first time in the ViñaGrow area of the ViñaRock 2016 festival.

Since then, we have continued innovating and developing new ice cream concepts, launching versions of ice cream flavoured with hemp protein, hemp with chocolate, or the different varieties of marijuana.

In response to the demand of our cannabis customers, we have also developed an ice cream line for the vegan market, where the taste of coconut, almond or soymilk is combine with the unmistakable flavours of cannabis.

For the most special customers we develop ice creams à la carte, where we adjust factors such as texture, temperature, fat, or the taste of the ice cream to the customer’s needs.

We are a team obsessed with the quality and development of unique cannabis flavours in our ice creams, which provides unforgettable experiences for those who taste them.

Our cannabis customers support us and are the engine of our company.